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Investors in People

Agetur (UK) Limited initially received the Investors in People (IIP) award on 16 December 2005. This plaque was presented by Darren Mercieca Business Adviser, Business Link Northamptonshire to Rob Rexton, Richard Warby and John Gaughan.

Rob Rexton, Managing Director said “We are delighted that Agetur has been able to prove to the Investors in People organisation that we are a company worthy of recognition. We believe that Investors in People is worthwhile as a way to demonstrate to our clients and others in the industry that we are a good company with high standards. It proves our commitment to quality work with quality people. It is recognition of the effort our people put into their jobs every day and is evidence that everyone works together as a team.”

The company’s recognition has been reassessed every three years the most recent being in 2011. IIP standards change and the assessor needs to complete a full review against the new standard to maintain the recognition. The purpose of the report is also provides guidance on ways to improve and develop which Agetur acts on.

David Melton, our IIP assessor said “Agetur UK Limited continues to comply with all aspects of the standard. This was a positive review and the company should be congratulated on maintaining an enthusiastic and uplifting attitude during the current difficult times. I was privileged to talk to one of your clients on site. He could not have been more complimentary about your organisation for reliability, quality and performance to both specification and time. He also valued, very highly, your friendly and professional approach to contracts.”

The Company is particularly proud of this achievement and recognize that it has been achieved by everyone in the company including a number of key members of staff who have been with the business for fifteen years or more. Agetur know that companies that comply with the IIP accreditation do better and are more likely to be successful and so the company is particularly delighted with David’s report. This is down to the hard work and effort contributed by everyone in the company- thank you.

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