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“We consider that all work undertaken by Agetur UK should have no long term effect to either the health or safety of any persons or to the environment”.

It is our policy that our operations are conducted in such a way so as to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our employees at work and other persons who may be affected by our work activities.

We regard the promotion of health and safety as a mutual objective for management, employees and contractors at every level. Our personnel are issued with health and safety instructions that endeavour to identify the hazards that are likely to be encountered in the course of our work and set out precautionary measures to remove or reduce them.

We always put our staff first when it comes to Health and Safety. If something cannot be done safely we will not do it.

  • Agetur’s record on health and safety has been excellent with no major incidents or prohibition notices issued to the company.
  • As a demonstration of this, regular meetings are held by the health and safety committee to discuss new activities and changes to the legislation.
  • We are pro-active in implementing new health and safety mandates and ensure that all operatives are made fully aware of any changes in procedures.
  • Only site staffs with the appropriate type and level of training are allowed to work and their previous experience is always considered before tasks are allocated.
  • Site visits are undertaken by Agetur’s health and safety supervisors who regularly visit sites to monitor work practices and procedures.
  • On Occasion it is necessary for Agetur UK to employ sub contractors to aid us in our works. All subcontractors are subject to assessment based upon their Health and Safety ability and performance; to help us assess this performance we require that all potential subcontractors complete our ‘Contractor Safety Questionnaire’ available for download below.

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