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James Phillips, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Following a difficult start to the year in terms of weather we have continued to make steady progress with monthly turnover on the increase. In order to maintain these levels of turnover we are currently working on securing new contracts. Since the start of the year we received a healthy number of tender enquiries from both existing and new clients and this would seem to be continuing throughout the year.

We are currently awaiting news / feedback on 7 possible new jobs, are in the process of tendering another 5 developments and are expecting at least another 8 tenders over the forthcoming months.

Needless to say it has been extremely busy in the commercial department, so much so that we are looking to employ a trainee surveyor to help out in the office. If anyone knows of someone who may be interested please let me know.

Built on reputation since 1985

As a company we have endured extremely difficult economic conditions over the past 7 years which forced us to work within very strict constraints in order to maintain turnover and attempt to make a margin in many circumstances. Whilst I’m sure we are all happy that as an industry we have well and truly come out of recession it is important that we do not forget the sound working practices we were forced to employ during the recession. Please continue to check things like foundation depths and road constructions with the relevant surveyor so we can all be sure we are working within the parameters of our order.
Many thanks for all your help James

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