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Health, Safety & Environment

We consider that all work undertaken by Agetur UK should have no adverse effect, either to the health or safety of any person, or to the environment.

It is our policy that all operations are conducted in such a way to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our employees at work and other persons who may be affected by our work activities.

As such Health, Safety and Environmental management sit at the top of our agenda in everything we do.

Employing robust and comprehensive risk management systems, implemented by strong leadership and comprehensive training and commitment throughout the company, our clients can be confident in the knowledge that we absolutely minimise the risks in all our areas of operations. Recognising the moral, legal and economic benefits to ourselves and our clients through the process of excellent Health, Safety and Environmental management, Agetur have instilled a culture of zero tolerance and continual improvement.

We have never been an organisation to sit on our laurels, and we are always seeking to implement the latest training, technology, information or legislative changes.

Agetur work with our clients to ensure their own systems are implemented by us, and ours are used to compliment theirs. It is this willingness to co-operate, communicate, consult  and share ideas, and our unconditional commitment to sound and reasoned risk  management that instills confidence in us throughout our sector.

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