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Plant Department

Since our last newsletter we have been very busy, hence we have hired more plant recently, but as usual thanks to your help we have tried to keep this to a minimum.

During the last 4 months we have also bought many small items of plant (sthil saws, compactor plates, lasers, etc) this is due to the increased workload, groundwork staff and also to replace older kit and dare I say it a few stolen items too. On the replacement front we are constantly looking and purchasing plant equipment and vehicles when and where we see fit.

Our recent purchases include a 120 Roller, 10m Telehandler and a couple of vans. We do recognise there are a few vehicles out there that still need replacing; unfortunately we have also lost a couple due to uneconomical repairs and accidents. With that in mind and the increased workforce I have thrashed out a deal with a company who have provided us before and hopefully will again. If all goes to plan we may see some new additions/replacements soon. We will also be looking to replace some larger plant equipment during this year as part of our long term replacement plan.

Site Security

Sorry to keep going on about site security but it does seems to be working, as we came through the Christmas period, where we normally get hit, completely unscathed!
We have however had a couple of thefts in the last few months on various sites which include a site office break in, a container and also diesel theft; although the latter seems to have slowed down dramatically. Please continue to be very aware when locking up as we are still very vulnerable on ALL sites.

External Hire

As always please keep external hire to a minimum wherever possible. Hire Suspensions are possible as long as we are given NOTICE to reduce transport costs. Please remember to fill up machinery when off hiring.


Remember: It is your responsibility to ensure that “user maintenance” of plant and equipment is completed when you use it. Daily checks must be carried out, and the necessary checklist completed and any faults reported. If the plant/equipment is unserviceable do not use it. Regular greasing, level checks etc DOES help reduce major repairs. Steve and Jon are working hard on keeping the plant and vehicles maintained; your help with this is vital and appreciated.

With sites coming to an end and new ones started, a new schedule will be with you very soon.

Thank you for your continued help and support in all the above mentioned.

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