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Rob Rexton


I have had the pleasure of working in the construction industry for over 40 years on projects large and small, here in the UK more recently but originally in Australia. The industry has given me a wonderful life and career.

My maxim is ‘ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING’ by the people you are working with, be it work colleagues, clients or friends and family.

I believe that having a good personal reputation and especially that of the company is paramount to success. Agetur UK has achieved that with over nearly 40 years in the industry. This has allowed us to survive in the tough times and thrive in the good. I am blessed with having good people working within the company with likeminded thinking.

I enjoy my golf but as someone once said ‘I have played badly all around the World ‘. My other interest is horse racing, in particular National Hunt racing. I have been fortunate enough to own several horses over the past 10 years, and have certainly experienced some highs and lows.

I look forward to my future with the Company and enjoy every day.

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